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Decorations: Boosting productivity or procrastination?


As December edges closer it’s hard to escape the Christmas vibe wherever you go; radio stations are playing Christmas songs, festive adverts are all over our TV screens and seasonal goodies have been in the shops for months.

Retail businesses have long appreciated the importance of Christmas decorations to attract shoppers into their stores.

And now many non-retail businesses also embrace holiday decorations to improve staff morale.

But do Christmas decorations provoke productivity or procrastination in the workplace?

The argument for productivity…

Some business leaders believe that office Christmas decorations provide incentives, encouraging employees to come to work more during the holiday season when they would probably rather be spending time with their families or finishing their Christmas shopping.

They say a festive, fun environment enhances team-building, leading to greater unity in the workplace.

Research has also shown that colourful visuals in the office can assist with creativity as they stimulate the mind more than the bland office walls many are used to.

Meanwhile, Christmas decorations can act as a fillip for employees, making them feel valued for their contributions throughout the year. An office with no Christmas spirit at all can lead staff to feel neglected and underappreciated.

…and for procrastination

However, some people feel that Christmas decorations can be distracting as they create a party atmosphere and a holiday mindset.

Even worse, if your business has been struggling to make ends meet, buying decorations can be seen as an unnecessary expense, particularly if you can’t afford to dish out bonuses or gifts.

It’s also important to remember that we live in a multi-cultural society and not all employees will want to join in the festive celebrations, even making staff who don’t celebrate Christmas feel uncomfortable and excluded.

Other considerations

If you decide to embrace the holidays and decorate your office it’s important to think carefully about what you will be using.

Whilst fairy lights can brighten up the office, flashing ones will get tiresome very quickly and may even induce a festive headache which will be very unproductive for your business.

Also ensure your decorations do not pose a health and safety nightmare; fallen tinsel and fairy lights can be a trip hazard and a Christmas tree in front of a fire exit is a massive no.

Also, consider what your clients would think. If you regularly welcome guests to your office it’s important to think about what they would expect.

Would they be pleased to see a Christmasless office? Or would they see it as an unnecessary expense?

Where do you stand? Do Christmas decorations help or hinder a business? Please share your views in the comments below.


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