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Credit Control

Outsourced credit control services

Credit control is critical to the success of any business, reducing the wait for payment and improving cash flow. However, not all businesses have the time, resource or expertise to dedicate to successful credit management, and it can often be more cost-effective and efficient to outsource.

A specialist debt collection and credit control agency, Hilton-Baird’s telephone-led and confidential credit control service will assume the responsibility for this vital function, allowing you to spend your time focusing on your business, safe in the knowledge that your credit management is in the hands of experts.

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Benefits of outsourced credit control

Is outsourced credit control right for my business?

With multi-sector experience in interacting with customers of all sizes, we make the process of outsourcing your credit control to an agency as straightforward as possible by tailoring a service offering that is right for your business.

To find out more about our outsourced credit control service, please call 0800 9774848, request a quote or enquire online today.

Increasingly, chasing payment was taking up more and more of our time and money. Having sought the help of Hilton-Baird Collection Services we were impressed by their techniques. To other SMEs experiencing the same problems, we would encourage them to seek professional assistance rather than consume precious business resource.

Erika Meager, Finance Director, Ship-Elec Ltd

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