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How to choose a credit control agency


If you have decided that outsourcing your business’s credit control function would be beneficial, it is important to consider which agency would be the right fit for your business.

The key things to look at are their breadth of experience, the level of service they provide, their approach and, of course, the cost, as all of these things will vary from agency to agency.

But there are also a number of other things to look at (and places to find them) that can go a long way to help you identify how compatible they are with what you’re looking for:

1. Experience

How long has the business been operating and providing credit control services? Do they have particular experience in your sector? And is this experience backed up by success stories and testimonials from past and current clients?

2. Professionalism

Take a look at the agency’s online presence, such as their website and social media. Are these outlets professional-looking, well maintained and easy to navigate? This says a lot about a company and how they wish to be represented.

3. Reviews

Testimonials and case studies should be available on their website and/or social media. What successes have they had, or failures? Do you have any friends or trusted business associates who have used external credit control services in the past?

4. Pricing

Is their pricing system transparent, and how does it compare to other agencies offering a similar service? Are there any trial periods available?

5. Transparency

It’s not only their pricing that should be transparent. How do they report on their progress to you? How easily accessible and ‘real-time’ is this information?

6. Service

Is their service purely email and/or letter-based, or telephone too? Would their services be underpinned by a Service Level Agreement for additional peace of mind?

7. Size

A large, national firm is not necessarily a better fit than a small, local one. It depends on your needs and the agency’s strengths, its reputation, experience and track record.

8. Accreditations

Is the agency a member of the Credit Services Association, or authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority? Have they won any awards?

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