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A quick turnaround

A quick turnaround

For one cardboard box manufacturer, an overdue payment of over £10,000 was becoming the unceasing headache no company wants to deal with.

The Corrugated Case Company had been attempting to collect two invoices totalling nearly £10,500 from one of their clients for an extended period.

Although the debt was never disputed, they received multiple excuses from the debtor and felt that they were being evasive when it came to making the payment.

At this point, they made the decision to hand it over to Hilton-Baird.

Having previously used Hilton-Baird’s services to successfully recover debt owed to them, Donna Cook, who’s in charge of credit control for The Corrugated Case Company, felt confident reaching out.

Immediate action

We began by sending out a letter to the debtor, re-alerting them to the debt and requesting payment. We followed up with a phone call to the relevant party, who was, at the time, unavailable and left a message requesting her to call us back.

At this point we uncovered contact details for the director of the company and sent a copy of the original letter for his attention.

Just two days later, and a total of five days from the day activity commenced, payment had been received in full for both invoices.

Thanks to the authority that our name commands and the firm yet professional communication of our specialists, we were able to get this case turned around incredibly quickly and achieve the best possible outcome for our client.

Donna Cook commented: “Having used Hilton-Baird in the past, I had no reservations about reaching out to them.

“The team were, as they’ve always been, very helpful, reassuring and professional, and they have made a difficult situation much more straightforward for me.

“We are delighted with the outcome and will feel confident should we need to pass any more cases to them in the future.”

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