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Adapting to new situations

Adapting to new situations – Sweet TV

Sweet TV, a Winchester-based media content producer, instructed Hilton-Baird Collection Services to recover a debt of £8,500 that was over a year old.

After the client’s continued false promises that payment was just around the corner, excuses that their own customers hadn’t paid on time and complaints over the delivery of the services, Director, Joe Conlon, submitted a full and final settlement offer of £2,000 if it was paid within the next seven days. The offer was declined.

Hilton-Baird therefore opted to take a firm stance and pursued legal action. It is often the case that such a hardline tactic is required to persuade the client to pay up in fear of being drawn into time-consuming and often costly court proceedings.

This approach is so successful that we have avoided legal proceedings in 95% of the cases to date, and this tactic worked once again in this instance with the client paying £7,000 almost immediately.

Further to focusing on the remainder of the sum plus the late payment interest that Sweet TV is eligible to charge on the debt, Hilton-Baird has additionally been asked to use its expertise once more and pursue further cases on behalf of the same company.

Mr Conlon was understandably delighted: “From first contact your service has been first rate. You guided us through the various options and costs etc, and we were kept fully informed during the recovery process.

“I would have no hesitation in recommending Hilton-Baird as our preferred debt collection agency.”

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