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Reminders going unanswered

Reminders going unanswered – Radio Taxis

A common challenge when chasing an unpaid invoice is getting hold of the customer to find out where the money is.

Often this occurs due to the customer avoiding all forms of communication, but sometimes it can be down to the nature of the business.

While this wasn’t the primary reason in this case, it was a significant hindrance that only added to the complications involved in getting paid.

Our client, Radio Taxis, was owed monies from a Southampton nightclub. With nonstandard office hours, contacting the relevant persons was proving difficult and payment – which was almost a year overdue – simply wasn’t coming.

Managing Director of Radio Taxis, Graham Wilkins, therefore instructed Hilton-Baird to collect the debt using our debt collection quote. Immediately the team set about obtaining the relevant information and began its attempts to contact the debtor.

Very shortly two key personnel had been contacted and sent copies of the correspondence, making it clear what was owed and that they were expected to settle the outstanding sum – plus statutory interest charges – immediately.

The team then worked closely with the debtor and our client to secure a repayment plan that suited both parties. Before long, the invoice and late payment interest had been paid in full.

Mr Wilkins was understandably delighted with the outcome: “I have been left extremely impressed with Hilton-Baird’s debt collection skills. I had been chasing this customer for almost 12 months with no luck, so for Hilton-Baird to collect the payment in full so quickly is quite an achievement.

“Everything about them was first class, from the ease of which to instruct them to the friendliness and professionalism of their team. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Hilton-Baird to any business struggling to get paid on time.”

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