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A simple solution

A simple solution – The Ryan Partnership

Any sort of late or non-payment can be critical for businesses of any size at present.

For The Ryan Partnership, a painting and decorating company based in Surrey, this was particularly true and left Director, Deborah Ryan, with little option but to seek the help of Hilton-Baird Collection Services.

Having fulfilled a contract for a customer, they then had the bonus of being asked to undertake another £20,000 worth of work for them. But with no written order for this additional work and final amounts being disputed, collecting this money was proving too difficult and time-consuming.

Mrs Ryan therefore instructed Hilton-Baird to take over the negotiations and secure payment. Before long the team was able to agree a full and final settlement of £15,000 with both the customer and our client, but still the promised payment was not forthcoming.

Following a partial payment of £4,000 being received by The Ryan Partnership, our debt collection team called upon its experience and mediation skills to persuade the debtor to meet their commitment. As such, a further £4,000 was received later that month, with the remaining £7,000 received across two equal instalments within the next 30 days to the delight of our client.

“Hilton-Baird exceeded our expectations,” explained Mrs Ryan. “I’m not sure how they did it as we weren’t sure we’d see the money again, but for them to recover £15,000 so quickly was really something.

“The whole episode was creating a lot of tension and stress until we picked up the phone to Hilton-Baird. We will have no hesitation in calling upon their skills should the need arise again in the future.”

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