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Navigating tough processes – Machinery Safety & Compliance Services

Sometimes the hardest part of getting an invoice to be paid is simply making the customer acknowledge the debt. This is particularly true when dealing with larger companies who may have strict payment procedures in place that need to be navigated in order to get a successful result.

Our client, Machinery Safety & Compliance Services, was due to deliver a bespoke training course. But when the customer cancelled the day before, cancellation charges were incurred, as clearly defined in their terms and conditions.

Unfortunately our client had not been provided with a purchase order, just a letter of intent to proceed, so getting the customer – a major international engineering firm – to acknowledge the debt was proving difficult.

As with most large companies, the business had a strict payment procedure in place that meant a purchase order was needed to process the invoice. And, with the client’s key contact having left the company, this created another challenge.

So, after five months of chasing the customer in-house, Machinery Safety & Compliance Services instructed Hilton-Baird to collect the debt on their behalf.

With extensive experience in recovering debts from businesses of all shapes and sizes, we quickly got to work in getting payment for our client.

Using a professional but persistent approach our team were able to get the customer to acknowledge the debt, provide a purchase order, process the invoice and make payment in full.

Karen Carr from Machinery Safety & Compliance Services said: “I’m very impressed with Hilton-Baird Collection Services.

“This was not the first time using their services, but this case was exceptionally difficult for us, as our client refused to acknowledge the debt or pay their bill.

“Hilton-Baird managed to get further in one week than I had got in five months.”

If, like Machinery Safety & Compliance Services you’re tired of waiting to get paid, we could help. Contact our team today on 0800 9774848 or collections@hiltonbaird.co.uk or get a quick quote to find out what we’d charge should we successfully recover your unpaid invoices.

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