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Success Stories

Debt collection case studies

Since we were established in 2001, we have helped businesses with a wide range of debt recovery and credit control requirements and possess the expertise and track record that are critical to delivering results for our clients.

Here are some of our most recent success stories. Scroll down to view our case studies by sector or service:

“More valuable and productive than any solicitor”

When it comes to debt recovery, knowledge is power. But, don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what a recent client had to say about our services.

Powering collectionsPowering collections

Powering collections

How we assist this UK-based supplier of commercial gas and renewable energy with the collection of their aged debt.

Persistence and perseverance

Persistence and perseverance

Read how our team recently collected the final payment from one debtor – almost EIGHT YEARS after the first payment was made.


“We are delighted the debt has been recovered”

Chasing payment from one particular customer was taking up valuable time for forward-thinking business solutions company, Wupwoo Limited.

Calm and professional approach

A calm and professional approach

Our debt collection team has helped a PR agency recover more than £6,000 in overdue and disputed invoices from a particularly difficult customer.

Payment 7 days after instruction

Payment received just 7 days after instruction

Hilton-Baird Collection Services has successfully recovered £12,153 only seven days after being instructed by a UK brewery.

A quick turnaround

A quick turnaround

For one cardboard box manufacturer, an overdue payment of over £10,000 was becoming the unceasing headache no company wants to deal with.

Debt collection expertise overcomes false payment promises

We have successfully recovered almost £11,000 in overdue invoices on behalf of a supplier of marble, granite and quartz.

A platform to move our business forward

“A platform to move our business forward”

See how our receivables management service helped a leading supplier of school uniform improve their credit control performance to set them up for success.

Preserving your relationships

Preserving your relationships

See how we helped this Polish private jet airline recover payment from a valued customer without damaging their relationship.

Someone to rely on

Someone To Rely On

Read why this recruitment agency now has a debt collection agency they can depend on when their customers fail to pay their invoices on time.

Recruit The Experts

Whilst all businesses strive for fast growth and success, the reality is that this often brings its own challenges. Our client, aware of the importance of credit control for his newly acquired business, enlisted Hilton-Baird to take control of the process from invoice to payment.

Getting results

Getting The Right Results

With a customer avoiding all phone calls, and a quick web search revealing they already had a CCJ, our client decided it was time to call in the experts.

Navigating Tough Processes

Sometimes the hardest part of getting an invoice to be paid is simply making the customer acknowledge the debt. See how we can help in these circumstances.

Triple success

Outstanding Triple Success

Chasing late payment can be time consuming but at Hilton-Baird we’re skilled in recovering debt quickly and this experience helped our client get paid.

Deciding which step to take

Deciding Which Step To Take

Once an invoice exceeds terms it can be difficult to decide what to do next. But at Hilton-Baird we use our expertise to guide businesses through the process.

A trusted resource

A Trusted Resource

Using our debt collection expertise enabled our client to focus on fulfilling customer orders without having to worry about chasing overdue payments.

Overcoming the odds

Overcoming The Odds

With the debtor facing CCJs and winding-up petitions, our team used all its experience to bring a successful conclusion to this difficult case.

Dispute resolution

Dispute Resolution

See how we helped our client secure payment in full plus statutory interest, compensation and court fees when they encountered a difficult customer.

Recognising which route to take

Recognising Which Route To Take

When a jewellery wholesalers encountered a difficult customer that was ignoring their collection efforts, Hilton-Baird was on hand to help deliver a positive outcome.

Improving performance

Improving Performance

Take a look at how our confidential credit control service has helped our client to improve their cash flow by reducing their overall debtor days by 24%.

Regaining control

Regaining Control Of The Situation

Read about how we collected more than £10,000 on behalf of an international retail giant to bring a successful conclusion to difficult circumstances.

Giving credit where it's due

Giving Credit Where It’s Due

We were instructed by a chartered surveyor to recover an unpaid invoice of £17,000. After explaining why the client was liable, they had no hesitation paying.

Providing a helping hand

Providing A Helping Hand

Not all businesses require fully outsourced credit control but being able to turn to a trusted debt collection agency can help – as iQ Group found out.

A More Personal Touch

A More Personal Touch

Our client had tried everything to recover an unpaid invoice, including a CCJ. Unable to get results, he contacted Hilton-Baird and we collected the debt.

No more excuses

No More Late Payment Excuses

Late payment excuses can be frustrating, but at Hilton-Baird we’ve heard them all and this knowledge helped our client, Cryer & Stott Cheesemongers, get paid.

Three invoices; three successes

Three Invoices; Three Successes

Hilton-Baird quickly collected three invoices in quick succession on behalf of Harveys of Oldham, a manufacturer and supplier of clothing.

A nudge in the right direction

A Nudge In The Right Direction

The strategy developed by the team at Hilton-Baird Collection Services proved to be a nudge in the right direction for ADEC Marine Ltd, a supplier of marine safety equipment.

Contact at last

Making Contact At Last

Ben Cooper, Operations Director at New Guard Coatings, gives his account of how we helped after a customer owing more than £3,000 disappeared.

Quick and effective

Quick And Effective Process

Plastic Plus Ltd found out just how effective third party involvement can be when attempting to collect an unpaid debt. See how we helped them get paid. 

A simple solution

A Simple Solution To Non-Payment

The Ryan Partnership was left with little option but to seek the help of Hilton-Baird after a customer avoided their attempts to collect a £20,000 debt.

retaining focus

Retaining Focus To Get Results

With their customer avoiding payment as well as most forms of communication, SMC Safety Solutions turned to Hilton-Baird to recover their outstanding invoice.

Excuses excuses

Excuses, excuses! Are they genuine?

Hilton-Baird successfully recovered an unpaid debt of £11,000 on behalf of SG Heating & Plumbing after the customer refused to pay due to a dispute.

Making the most of your options

Making The Most Of Your Options

Our collections team recovered £6,000 that was more than a year old on behalf of Protan (UK), a multi-million pound supplier of single ply roofing systems.

Reminders going unanswered

Reminders Going Unanswered

Hilton-Baird Collection Services successfully recovered an unpaid invoice in full, plus statutory interest, on behalf of Radio Taxis. See how we helped.

Tackling late payment

Tackling Late Payment

Southampton-based manufacturer, Shore Cast Solent, engaged our services when a customer was proving elusive when it came to payment.

Extinguishing Bad Debt

Utilising the specialist services of a debt collection agency can improve the chances of recovering monies owed, an opportunity Kraft & Bauer didn’t pass up.

Celebrating Our 200th Client

Celebrating Our 200th Client

Ship-Elec (Electrical Wholesalers) Ltd became Hilton-Baird Collection Services’ 200th client when they instructed us to recover an invoice valued at £11,000.

Building Trust

Building Trust In Challenging Times

There are occasions the legal process is the only option to resolve disputes and encourage a customer to pay, a scenario which arose in this challenging case.

tactful enforcement

Tactful Enforcement

After a CCJ obtained against a customer had no effect whatsoever, Streamline Taxis approached Hilton-Baird to recover the sum on a success-only basis.

Options at your disposal

Options At Your Disposal

Despite appearing to be the most forceful, taking the legal route to recover a bad debt doesn’t always turn out to be the most successful. See how we can help.

It's good to talk

It’s Always Good To Talk

Hilton-Baird maintains regular contact with our clients, keeping them informed throughout the entire debt collection process as to the progress we’re making.

Making use of the alternatives

Making Use Of The Alternatives

Specialist debt collection agencies are so valuable at assuming the burden of particularly overdue debts by employing a success-only pricing structure.

Making an impression

Making An Impression

Hilton-Baird prides itself on providing the best possible service and exhausting all available avenues in order to recover a debt. See how we helped this removal company.

Making use of our expertise

Making Use Of Our Expertise

Inside Time has secured an arrangement with Hilton-Baird whereby they instruct us to collect any debt that exceeds 90 days on a success-only basis.

Focusing on growth

Focusing On Business Growth

The importance of recouping the time and resource required to win new business is often overlooked when deciding whether to outsource your credit control.

Learning how to juggle your time

Learning How To Juggle Your Time

Due to the downturn and extensive challenges it has brought, business owners have been faced with a juggling act in order to keep their business growing.

Pinpointing their location

Pinpointing Their Location

Such are the trading conditions at present that customers with a track record of paying on time could be susceptible to falling foul of the economic climate.

Adapting to new situations

Adapting To New Situations

After their client’s continued false promises that payment was just around the corner, Sweet TV instructed Hilton-Baird to recover a debt of £8,500.

Easing debtor insolvency fears

Easing Debtor Insolvency Fears

Hilton-Baird moved swiftly to recover £3,000 across several invoices as our client’s concerns grew over the financial security of its late paying customer.

The added weight of a collections agency

The Added Weight Of Collections

When endless phone calls and emails go unanswered, the sheer presence of a debt collection agency is often suffice to persuade the customer to pay up.

Selecting the right move

Selecting The Right Move

It is tempting to take the legal route once an invoice exceeds terms but, despite appearing to be the firmest approach, even this tactic sometimes falls short.


A Tactical Approach

We’ve all heard the raft of late payment excuses, but what do you do when the money continually doesn’t materialise? DCAs excel at recovering what you’re owed.

Overcoming The Late Payment Culture

Overcoming Late Payment Culture

Hilton-Baird was engaged by SQ Computer Personnel to assist with the recovery of their oldest debts, those that require the most care, time and expertise.

Removing The Barriers To Debt Collection

Removing Barriers To Debt Collection

Hilton-Baird called on all its expertise and multilingual prowess to successfully recover the outstanding debts of a London-based publisher.

Multilingual expertise

Multilingual Expertise

Language barriers can lead to delays to the recovery of debt in today’s globalised world, but our team’s multilingual capabilities keep us on the front foot.

Leasing and finance

Long term support for leading leasing and finance solutions business

See how we have helped our long term client, a leading leasing and finance solutions provider, with their debt recovery needs.

Interim credit control resource provides invaluable support

Interim credit control resource provides invaluable support

See how we helped an invoice finance client by providing short-term, outsourced resource to support their factoring credit control function during a challenging time.

£5.5 million recovered

£5.5 million collected to recover lender’s position

Hilton-Baird Collection Services has successfully recovered the position of an asset based lender after their client entered administration, and is now supporting the insolvency practitioner with the remainder of the ledger.

Ledger monitoring service key to positive outcome-min

Ledger monitoring service key to positive outcome for lender and creditors

Hilton-Baird Collection Services has provided a multifaceted service, incorporating pre-insolvency planning, ledger monitoring and debt recovery, to support the Insolvency Practitioner and asset based lender both before and after their client entered administration.

Sub-prime lender enters administration

£3.3 million recovered after sub-prime lender enters administration

Hilton-Baird Collection Services has successfully recovered £3.3 million after an FCA-regulated sub-prime car finance company entered administration.

Successful recovery despite missing paperwork

Successful recovery despite missing paperwork

Hilton-Baird Collection Services has successfully recovered almost £2.5 million on behalf of an invoice finance company after their client entered administration.

Recovery of contractual debt

Hilton-Baird’s experienced team has successfully recovered its client’s lending, despite the debt being highly contractual in nature.

Fresh fish

Numerous challenges overcome to recover lender’s position

Our collections experts have recovered the position of an asset based lender despite numerous challenges, particularly regarding paperwork and proof of debt.

Salad supplier

ABL’s position recovered after client enters administration

Hilton-Baird Collection Services has successfully recovered the position of an asset based lender after their client in the fresh foods sector slipped into administration.

Perseverance and expertise deliver results

Perseverance and expertise deliver results

When a supplier of security guards went into administration, Hilton-Baird was engaged by the invoice financier to assist with what initially appeared to be a straightforward recovery.

Confidence to continue funding

Confidence To Continue Funding

Read how our receivables management service gave an invoice financier the confidence to continue funding their client whilst giving them a platform to thrive.

Impressive results in challenging circumstances

Impressive Results In Challenging Circumstances

We successfully collected 91% of an £835,000 sales ledger on behalf of a major high street bank when an industrial fasteners supplier entered administration.

Lifting equipment seller

A Fast Response Delivers Outstanding Results

Hilton-Baird responded quickly in order to deliver an outstanding result when instructed by an IP to recover a sales ledger of more than £750,000.


Delivering Results Under Pressure

Hilton-Baird was instructed by an insolvency practitioner to recover the sales ledger of an environmental services company which had just entered administration. After overcoming several hurdles along the way, we produced an excellent result in exceptionally challenging circumstances.


Demonstrating Our Worth

When Hilton-Baird Collection Services was instructed by a leading bank to recover a ledger valued at £250,000, at first glance there didn’t appear to be anything out of the ordinary. Behind the scenes however, this collect out was about to become much more complicated.

Time ticking

With Time Of The Essence

Hilton-Baird Collection Services was recently instructed by a business recovery specialist to recover the ledger of a high profile case. By getting on site quickly, we were able to gather the necessary documentation to support the ledger and commence the collections process.


Pinpointing The Problem

Collecting monies due once a company has ceased trading always proves more challenging, but when the products supplied have a warranty in place, this can become even more difficult. However, Hilton-Baird worked with the funder and its client to ensure a successful conclusion.

Fresh produce

A Fresh Approach To Collections

Sectors such as the fresh food industry naturally pose more of a challenge to a commercial debt collection agency than others, but Hilton-Baird’s award-winning approach allowed us to liaise with our client’s customers and implement suitable payment plans that resulted in the full ledger being collected.


Exceeding High Expectations

Though the debt collection process typically has several hurdles that must be overcome, there are always some cases that throw up more obstacles than most. One client in particular had recently entered administration but, without access to project sign offs and other essential paperwork, our expert team has fully exceeded expectations.


Utilising The Tools At Our Disposal

Particularly when cash is tight, business owners will always be looking for excuses not to pay. From the point of view of a commercial debt collection agency, purchase order numbers are vital when chasing customers for payment, so Hilton-Baird ensures it has everything at its disposal in order to maximise the recovery.

Working quickly to maximise recovery

Working Quickly To Maximise Recovery

Hilton-Baird’s commercial debt collection expertise was put to the test earlier this year on a particularly challenging ledger riddled with insolvencies.

Find success stories by service:

Find success stories by sector:

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